Tic Tac Toe Challenge is taking the world by storm with its innovative and creative strategy, sleek design and handy packaging. This game both fun and challenging for those ages 5 and up. 


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  • 10x10in. board with nine squires.

    One bag for X’s.

    One bag for O’s.

    Thirty-Two playing paces.

    Nine playing paces with X’s and numbers one to nine.

    Nine playing paces with O’s and numbers one to nine.

    Three playing paces with strike

    One playing paces with blocked and X.

    One playing paces with blocked and O.

    One playing paces with pull from X bag.

    One playing paces with pull from O bag.

    Two playing paces with skip

    Two playing paces with 1 Pass

  • I’m a Return and Refund policy. Tic Tac Toe Challenge does not issue refunds, only exchanges. Customer's are welcome to send back the game in exchange for another, if damaged or missing pieces. 


With it's creative board game and witty rules, many have relished the diversity and uniqueness of Tic Tac Toe Challenge. It's NEW twist not only speaks to the creativity of it's inventor, but it's relevancy to family holds true to its tradition. 


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